Wireless HDTV Antenna


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Tired of paying for television bills month after month? Now you can enjoy FREE TV! 

Our Wireless HDTV Antenna is a digital antenna that receives over-the-air digital and HD signals for free. The antenna features a low profile slim design, so it hides behind the TV without any cables or wires hanging out.

The signal is a better visual and audio quality than analog. Digital television enables broadcasters to offer multiple programming choices on a single channel (subchannels), greatly expanding viewer choices.


    • Up to 100's of Free HD & digital TV channels
    • Works on Any TV
    • Amazing picture quality
    • Super easy to set up with 2 steps:
      1. Plug-in cable jack 2. Channel scanning 
    • Slim design - No hanging wires or cables
    • No contracts & No monthly fees
    • No missing your shows when the cable goes out


  • The reception will vary based on factors like geography and location of the broadcast signal; antenna, hills, buildings and even tall trees can impact reception. It is recommended that you be within 25 miles of a broadcast antenna. Most households can receive these popular networks: PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, ION, CW, Qubo - a children's channel, 24-hour sports programming, a 24-hour classic movie channel, 24-hour news and weather, and popular Spanish-language channels: Azteca, Univision, Telemundo, TeleFutura, may also be available.
  • Wireless HDTV Antenna channels do not include shows that are produced for cable only.
  • Wireless HDTV Antenna will connect with televisions that have an Antenna IN or a Cable IN port on the back of the television. Most televisions sold after May 25, 2007, are required by law to have an ATSC (Digital) tuner built-in and will receive digital broadcasts. If your television was purchased earlier but has a menu option for scanning digital channels, then your television has a digital ATSC tuner. Check for the letters 'ATSC'. If it does not say that it is equipped with an ATSC tuner, you will need to purchase a converter box in order to watch free Wireless HDTV Antenna channels.
  • Not all digital signals are High Definition
  • All cable companies compress their HD signals; the result is a degraded signal that is usually inferior to Over the Air (OTA) broadcast. With the Wireless HDTV Antenna, you will be able to watch free HDTV with a better picture than you would get with HD provided by your cable company.


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