USB Coffee Tea Mug Warmer


Spending a long time working on your computer or laptop and your coffee/tea always gets cold? You want to be prepared now to stay toasty warm this winter!

Our USB Mug Warmer plugs into any USB port on your device and you can simply place your hot beverage on top to keep it nice an warm. And don't worry! You will not have to sacrifice a USB port for it. The USB Mug Warmer also has 4 USB ports so you can plug in any additional electronics you might have. 

This is a must have and a perfect gift for this Winter season!


  • No Battery Required - Simply plug it into any USB port.
  • 4 USB Additional USB Ports - Charge your phone, tablet, or plug in keyboard or mouse with the additional built-in USB ports
  • On/Off Switch - A power switch is located at the back so you can easily turn the unit on/off


US orders may take 2-4 weeks to arrive. 

Worldwide orders may take 3-5 weeks to arrive.