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Watermelon Corer And Slicer

 Cutting watermelon has never been easier! 🍉

Tired of cutting through a watermelon's shell and making a mess? Cut perfect slices of watermelon without getting your hands dirty with our Watermelon Corer And Slicer!  It eliminates messes and allows for a cleaner, more precise cutting experience. 

 DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL BLADES:easily slices through watermelons, cantaloupes, and honeydews without bruising the fruit. Way quicker than using a knife!

✅ ABSOLUTELY NO MESS: juices stay in the rind, so no more dirty hands! Plus it is dishwasher safe.

✅ CREATE A MASTERPIECE: This Watermelon Corer And Slicer expertly portions and removes each slice from the rind, leaving you with a natural bowl to serve your fruit salad or melon delight. This 3 in 1 accessory does it all: slices, cores, and serves.