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Sprinkler Buddy - Bath Toy


No more crying during bath time! Add some fun while you bathe your little one - this Sprinkler Buddy will be sure to make them laugh and giggle and make bath time fly by fast.

It is super easy to set-up, in just minutes. Just pop in 3 AAA batteries (not included), place it in the water, and you're all set. Your little one will have a  fun, entertaining, and sprinkling companion in no time.

Lights up with vibrant, colorful lights and also plays music as well. Keeps your child entertained and engaged for hours without getting bored.


☑️Easy To Set Up - Minimal set-up. Simply place the batteries inside, throw it in the water, and that's it..it less than 1 minute.

☑️ Fun & Entertaining - Sings along, plays music, and squirts out water. Super fun and safe to play with for hours without getting bored.

☑️Battery Operated - Need no wires and completely safe. Simply pop in 3 AAA batteries, and you're good to go.