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Pumice Stone Nail File Pen

Keep Your Nails Clean & Healthy!ūüíÖ

Keeping your fingernails and toenails trimmed and clean reduces your risk of infection. That is why we tend to always go to a Nail Salon & Spa where manicurists use sharp cuticle pushers and nippers to keep your nails free from dead skin and cuticles. However, sometimes they accidentally cut into fresh skin too. Ouch! But you know that maintaining healthy nails that look fashionable doesn't have to be expensive, painful, or time-consuming?

Introducing Pumice Stone Nail File Pen!  

This Pumice Stone Nail File Penis designed to give you a salon-like and perfect nail care in the safest and easiest way! It is made to have the shape of a pen to give ease when holding. Plus you can use it anywhere and anytime.Very convenient! 


  • Sparkling Nail Tips¬†-¬†Gives sparkly nail tips every use when cuticles and dead skins are removed around and on the edges of your nails.

  • Enrich¬†& Soften Your Nails-¬†Easily beautify your nail by dipping the nail file in essential oil, then just groom as usual.

  • Safe to Use-¬†Pumice stone is way safer instead of using dangerous nippers that may cut even your healthy skin.

  • Compact &¬†Lightweight - Carry everywhere and use whenever you spot a dead skin on top of your nails.