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Make a keepsake of your pet’s paw print with this “inkless” kit!

Our Paw Print Stamp Pad takes your pet's foot imprint without the ink ever touching their skin! It’s totally non-toxic and baby safe, so you can focus on capturing moments that will last a lifetime.

Use it to watch your dog’s paw grow or add to a memorial frame after your pet passes away to always remember them. This paw print stamp pad makes the best gift and is what any pet owner or anyone, in general, will want.

Paw Print Pad

  • Suitable for all Cats, Dogs, and Babies.

Paw Print Pad

  • Ensures that Pet’s Paws never touches the ink.
  • Clean & Safe for Your Pet.
  • “Clean-Touch” Ink Pad.

Paw Print Pad

  • Able to preserve for the long haul.
  • Strong ink absorbency with no smear.
  • Quick and easy to use.