Magnetic Putty Slime


Beat stress with the safe, non-toxic Magnetic Putty Slime that’s guaranteed to provide entertainment anytime, anywhere! When you place the Magnetic Putty Slime next to a magnet, it triggers a reaction in seconds, so you can watch the slime get pulled. A stronger magnetic force at work! Not only can the Magnetic Slime be used as a recreational toy, but it’s also a great therapy for those who deal with stress. Not sure of a great way to explain to children how magnets work? The Magnetic Slime can do the job!

Perfect as a gift!


  • This hand putty is really magnetic. It can pull in any direction. 
  • Magnetic putty can be stretched and bounced like a rubber ball, shaped and sculpted like clay. Let your imagination take over. 
  • An educational toy for kids to learn what about the magnetic field
  • Suitable for kids 4 years and older and adults
  • With CE and SGS certification, safe and non-toxic. It’s a perfect gift for anyone.


US orders may take 2-4 weeks to arrive. 

Worldwide orders may take 3-5 weeks to arrive.