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Hanging Handbag Purse Organizer

Too Many Handbags? Keep Them Organized!😎😍

A highly recommended purse organizer for girls who own numerous purses and want to get them organized well. This hanging handbag closet organizer saves closet shelf space while neatly storing purses, small blankets, sheets, towels, and other linens. You can hang it anywhere, in your closet/wardrobe, behind the door or on the wall, with this organizer, your room looks neater than your neighbors.


👜HUGE CAPACITY & MULTIFUNCTIONAL STORAGE- It's roomy for you to store 6 medium-sized bags or more small bags. It’s a perfect organizing solution for different handbags, tote bags, purse storage and scarves, hats, towels, small blankets, sheets, and other linens organization.

👜CONVENIENT 360°SWIVEL HOOK - The swivel hook is made of stainless steel material, it can be hanged on any standard closet rods and smaller hooks on the wall, the 360°swivel design helps you access both side slots easily.

👜VISIBLE TRANSPARENT SLOTS - The bag organizer features transparent slots that allow easy identification of your contents, you can choose whatever you want quickly. Definitely a perfect handbag organizer solution and displays your purses nicely.

👜SPACE-SAVING ORGANIZER - Just hang the bag organizer in your closet/wardrobe or on the wall, it only takes up as much space as a coat, so you don't have to worry about space-occupying, you still have enough space for storing your clothes in your closet.

👜DUSTPROOF WITH BETTER PROTECTION - If you just hang them on a hook, it may stain dust and lose shape with time going due to the influence of gravity. Put your purses in this storage gadget, say goodbye to wrinkles, dust, deformation, and scrapes. Always keep your handbags in the best condition.


Material: Non-woven fabrics and PVC
Color: Grey and Black

Size &Weight
6 pockets- 210g weight, Size 90*33*31cm (35.4*13.0*12.2 inches)
8 pockets- 250g weight, Size: 110*33*35cm (43.3*13.0*13.8 inches)