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Food Claw

Now you don't have to worry about blade slipping, cutting your fingers, or having uneven slices. The Food Claw holds any vegetable or meat in place when you slice so you don't have to hold it with your bare hands. Slice between the Claw to get beautiful and even slices. 


✔️ High-Quality Material & ConstructionMade of high quality 304 stainless steel, durable, won't rust, and safe

✔️ Easy To Clean - The slicer can easily be washed with a brush.

✔️ Easy To Use - Ergonomic design utilizes leverage to accommodate even unpeeled potato with ease. You can also cut fish, steak, onions, and other ingredients.

✔️ Non-slip Handles - Soft, comfortable, and non-slip handles that absorb pressure while squeezing; very comfortable in your hand.

✔️ Easier Slicing - The 10 stainless steel prongs will trap and hold your onions strongly, makes it easy for slicing - just simply use a sharp knife to get evenly sizedslices.