Flat Water Bottle


The Flat Water Bottle is a new innovate design compared to all the regular shaped bottles. Not only do the bottles have a striking modern look, it is also very practical as well.

With its slim book-like design, it can be easily slipped into any messenger bag, purse, or pocket without the added bulk with traditional bottles. Its slightly slanted shape is also designed so you can easily carry the bottle by hand with ease. This way, it will feel completely natural if you were to carry around any notebook, laptop, along with this Flat Water Bottle. 




  • Reusable BPA-Free Bottle, 3 Sizes: 350ml, 420ml, 750ml
  • Made of High Clarity Food Safe Plastic, BPA-Free
  • Leak Proof Cap - Ideal for School, Sport, Office, Gym and Days Out
  • Flat Square Design, Shaped like a book. Lightweight, Durable, Reusable and Stylish
  • Easy to Use and Portable - Convenient to Put in Carrying Bags - Easy to Clean - Dishwasher Safe

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