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Crease Shields

 Want To Get Rid Of Those Ugly Crease Lines In Your Sneakers?

Keep your kicks looking clean and fresh with the Crease Shields. It's the best accessory to prevent damaging creases on your favorite sneakers.    


👟 Non-Slip and Breathable Design - Each shield is designed with a non-slip grip to prevent them from moving inside the shoe. It has ventilation holes that will keep your shoes smelling fresh, dry, and will last for years to come.

👟 Excellent Quality - Made from a durable, washable, breathable plastic materials. That will extend the life and appearance of your favorite sneakers.👟 Trimmable - You can easily cut the shield design into the size you need with the auxiliary cutting lines.

How To Use: 

Simply insert the Crease Shield into the sneaker of choice. Each shield is labeled, the shield with the 'L' is for your left shoe and the shield with the 'R' on is for your right shoe. 

    Size Chart :