Collapsible Clothing Hanger Rack


Limited wardrobe space but still want to keep your closet organized?
This Collapsible Clothing Hanger Rack is your perfect solution! 

Each hanger organizer can hold 5 pieces (up to 25lbs) vertically. Great for your heavy overcoat and any tops. Not recommended for pants. For our Collapsible pant hanger, please click the link here

Now you've just made significantly more room in your closet!  


  • MORE SPACE - Increase the amount of hanging space in your closet with our magic wonder hangers! The ingenious design allows you to store multiple garments on a single magic hanger, keeping your closet neat and tidy and your garments wrinkle-free.
  • Works with any type of hanger.
  • Each hanger organizer can hold 5 pieces (up to 25lbs) vertically and 12 garments (up to 15lbs) horizontally! Great for your heavy overcoat.
  • NO SHARP EDGES - Our advanced version has smoothed edging for different from other space-saving hangers which are uncomfortable to hold, with rough edging that may damage your clothing