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3D Animal Bookmark


These adorable 3D Animal Bookmarks will add some fun to your book reading routine. They will encourage you to start off from where you ended which makes it a great bookmark for kidsand adults.

Here are the reasons why you'll love these ❤

📚 Doesn't Pop Off The Books - These funny bookmarks are not flimsy and therefore doesn't slip off the books so you won't ever lose them.

📚 Holds The Book Pages Flat Open - It gets frustrating when the book pages especially the music or hymn books closes or pages flips while playing music. But with our 3D Animal Bookmark, it will surely won't! And plus it keeps the pages flat open because they are wide in length.

📚 Keeps Your Books Readable For Longer - These attractively cute animals let as many people read books with minimal damage and help books stay readable for longer. Now, you don't have to fold the corners to mark your favorite pages that you would like to re-read or continue.

📚 Easy To Use - The big face of the squashed animals makes it easy to turn the pages open at the correct spot, unlike the bookmarks which are of the same width from start to end.

📚 Relieves Your Sore Thumbs - It doesn't need the books to be handheld, as they are sturdy and capable of holding even the fat books wide open, relieving your sore thumbs.
📚 Perfect Gift -It is packed nicely in a box, making it a cute and funny gift for book lovers. Also great for wedding gifts, souvenirs, business gifts and many more!