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October 03, 2017

Looking forward to Christmas? Of course, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Children’s singing, bells ringing, lights twinkling –brings back nostalgic childhood memories.  And who can forget, the over the top décor your mother-in law or your neighbor proudly brings out during this special time of the year to welcome friends and family who are visiting or coming home for the season.

Home is where the heart is.

A lot of people, especially travel enthusiasts prefer to spend their Christmas out of town. Sometimes some people tend to think that it’s boring to celebrate at home and it will be more fun spending it in other places, but it’s more than just a simple gathering and the usual activities we do during Christmas. Today, we will be featuring fun and cool activities you can do at home while spending quality time with your loved ones during the holiday season.

  1. BakeIf you’ve never baked before, baking might be something that you can consider doing during the holiday season. The great part is, you can spend quality time to bond with your loved ones while baking. You never have to worry about baking the first time because there’s a lot of resources and how-to videos that you can check on www.youtube.com and because of the latest baking tool inventions of today, it wouldn’t be hard for first timer’s to get started. An example is the adjustable multi-purpose baking moldthat helps you achieve the shape of the cake you’d like to bake easily! Get them at https://iwonted.com/products/bake-link. You never have to be a professional to decorate cakes; all you have to do is check our website for practical and effective baking and decorating tools at https://iwonted.com/collections/kitchen.
  2. DecorateWe love the holidays so much that we keep some festive-hued cushions and accessories stored away for 9 months of the year, and bring them out every October to mix it up and add some Christmas feels. Move some chairs around or simply throw up a garland or two; whatever your holiday decorating style is, indulge it. You might consider getting this quick and simple holiday dress up for your dining chairs. Your family will surely love. Get them at https://iwonted.com/products/santa-seat-cover. More Christmas décor ideas  when you go to https://iwonted.com/collections/seasonal.
  3. Have a movie marathon. Christmas would not be complete without watching Christmas relevant movies, just like the “Almost Christmas” movie of 2016. Watch with your family on your mini home theatre or do it anywhere in the house using your tablets or smartphone. Okay, let’s add some comforting experience while watching movies. Want to lay down or watch in your most comfortable position? This 360° rotation tablet/phone holder is perfect for you!  It rotates up to 360° for you to effortlessly achieve comfortable and better viewing. Get it at https://iwonted.com/products/rotating-tablet-stand.
  4. DIY beauty treat.If you are into social media you might have seen lots of DIY beauty secrets and hacks, right? Sometimes, it’s also worth trying and doing things you never thought you could achieve all by yourself. The DIY hair and make-up, hair and skin treatment, and of course our nails! It is the only thing we can get into shape without exercise :D! With all the online nail art tutorials, it wouldn’t be impossible to achieve those simplest and easiest nail art. Well, maybe hard at first, but we think it’s worth trying and super satisfying! Well, of course, with the help of Silicone Soak Off Caps Nail Polish Remover, we can easily remove nail polish at a salon speed! It helps save time and effort erasing old nail polishes in a quick, easy and superb finish! Want to get yours? Get it at https://iwonted.com/products/nail-cap-polish-remover

The holiday season is a time to spend with your loved ones and giving. If you’re stuck on some fun gift ideas, we have a variety of fun and affordable gift items in our "shop all" section. Happy shopping!

What’s your favorite holiday memory? Share yours in the comment section below!